Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Saving Godhood and religion by turning them downside up

Truth doesn't conquer all, the people who tell the truth do, although the truth sometimes takes time to conquer. Beautiful ideas, beautiful mathematics, beautiful words are important, and we need them, but they are not Gods. Godhood is evolved to in the material and supermaterail world.

Godhood is not a mere idea, concept, sacred word, or sacred equation, and Godhood is not the blissful experience of God felt by ascetics who have blocked all material desires. These things have wrongly become Gods. And Godhood is not a non-material spirit. Godhood is a highest evolved  living object, or objects, which ideas only define.

The ancient religious ideas, experiences, and definitions can remain, if understood as having been the first religious hints of Godhood from the Inward Paths of traditional religions. But it is the Outward Path of material evolution that leads to real Godhood which now needs to be included in religion---and science. This is a conservative undertaking.

This philosophy isn't anti-intellectual, it is anti-ignorance, and pro-life. This perspective saves Godhood and religion---and science---by turning Godhood and religion downside up. Present ancient religions have been only the beginning of religion, assuming we survive.

If Georges Dumezil was right about the tripartite division of societal functions reflected in old Indo-European social organization, ideology and mythology, then it seems to suggest that societal functions need to be led by people who have their feet and their ideals on the ground, yet looking up. Whether we are led by priests, warriors, kings, or peasants, they can save religion, Godhood, and most importantly the people, by turning religion downside up.

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