Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The real "progress" of humanity?

Conservatives are right in saying that modern culture has virtually lost traditional spirituality, but they have not transformed religion to bring it back. Let's face it, traditionalism is largely against evolution, and that needs to be transformed.

People tend to go with the age they are living in and don't much think about where they are going religiously or philosophically. Solve the problem of the great goal of life and values and morals will follow.

The great ideals need not uproot the instincts as the ascetics do, but harmonize the instincts, specifically the instinct within every cell of the body to evolve in the material world to the highest beauty, goodness and truth, which defines Godhood.

The real "progress" of humanity? Our material evolution to supermaterial Godhood, which has been blocked by the traditional view of  the Idea of spiritual non-material God, found or experienced by renouncing materialism and evolution.

The way to bring back religion is by affirming the material evolution to supermaterial Godhood, which has been lost in the delusions of religion and philosophy, as well as being rejected by science.

Can we do this? The future of life (at least in out corner of the universe) may depend on it.

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