Monday, June 12, 2017

Rule by money-power has not always been the history of Indo-European people

Rule by money-power has not always been the history of Indo-European people, where a three-tiered structure usually ruled, with priests or warriors on top and producers (money power ) always last, and traditionally at least, never ruling. As wikipedia puts it, over time " offshoots of the Proto-Indo-Europeans had reached far and wide across Eurasia, including Anatolia (Hittites), the Aegean (the ancestors of Mycenaean Greece), Western Europe (Corded Ware culture), the edges of Central Asia (Yamna culture), and southern Siberia (Afanasevo culture)."  All more or less maintained that tripartite ruling structure.

Rule by money-power really got going in the Industrial Age, and they have now made a real mess of things, virtually destroying Western moral culture, even as they helped advance medical knowledge and other technology which has greatly lengthened lives, especially in the Western world. Occasional attempts have been made to stop money-power. One could say, without otherwise approving of them, that the fascists in Italy and Germany before WWII took on the globalist money-power, and we might even say that the Islamic terrorists are religious warriors trying to take down the money-power. But now a globalist, neoconservative, money-power rules and seem too strong to stop.

So what will happen? Western religion as we now have it seems unlikely to become a ruling force, and that leaves the military, which is now also corrupted by money-power. But that could change as civil disorder increases. We could at least hope that a Western warrior elite would eventually see the vital importance of religious guidance. But it would need to be a transformed religion, one that included the evolutionary sciences, with the material understanding of a supermaterial Godhood reached only through material evolution. Then if we conservatives wanted it, democratic republics could become an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, balanced by federalism and subsidiarity, in line with real human nature, and workable in the real overcrowded world.

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