Friday, June 09, 2017

Allow sociobiology in the humanities

Science can define Godhood and science needs to be brought into the humanities, specifically the science of sociobiology, the study of the biological origin of much of social behavior, which includes religion, art, politics, ect..

The humanities don't have the last word on defining human nature. Sociobiology has looked deeply into human nature, at least as deeply as the theologians or the poets ever did. Sociobiology deserves a seat at the cool kids table.

Abstract ideas in the humanities have drifted far away from human nature to the point of denying that there is a human nature. To the postmodernists all is relative---of course not including that statement---all is environmentally malleable, genetics and biology are conveniently overlooked, the humanities have become a cultural form of Marxism.

How does science define Godhood as the base of the humanities? Life materially evolves to supermaterial Godhood, and science along with the humanities can be a great help in that sacred mission. Dying religion can be revived, the humanities can be rescued from deterioration.

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