Monday, May 08, 2017

The world is broken by the lust for power, say the religionists, but what of their will to power?

Classical and Christen philosophers say that the contemplation of the good, the true and the beautiful is the completion of theology, I say it again, the completion . This, they say, can only truly come with the renunciation of power and the embrace of non-materialism. But it is often only a cover-up for the same old will-to-power. Their smugness is tiresome.

Buddha sits beneath the Bodhi Tree with legs crossed feeling great bliss contemplating the good, the true and the beautiful, because he has managed to completely stop all desires. But that is not real Godhood, it is physical, hedonistic, bliss. Real Godhood is a supermaterial object, or objects, evolved to in the material world.

Passions are not fetters, as Edmund Burke suggested, following the long religious/philosophical tradition, passions are led by the material Super-Id, or the material Spirit-Will, which has the goal of activating life to evolve to real Godhood. 

The world is broken by the lust for power say the religionists, yes, but what of their will to power? The renunciation of the rings of power by Tolkien in his turning of Odinistic paganism on its head, is not the path to Godhood.

Material evolution needs to be refined toward the sacred goal, not denounced, rejected or blocked. Real Godhood must be won as all material things are won, through successful survival and reproduction. Celibacy, which is the highest behavior of religion, if successful, would mean no humans born, therefore no evolution to Godhood.

The future is more than the superior artificial intelligence of computers manipulated by, you guessed it, men with wills to power. But science, evolutionary science, can join with religion in refining the path toward real Godhood. 

But the inward bliss of the gurus can be conservatively retained in the Inward Path as the first human glimpse of real Godhood, transformed and reached through the Outward Path of material evolution.

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