Friday, May 12, 2017

Bringing materialism to religion

Over time the Church set up universal principles, and that was good, emphasizing natural law and human nature, even though the definitions now need an upgrade. Modern culture is a wreckage, having excluded universal truths in favor of relativism, and having rejected god, religion, and universal truths and accepted instead individualism, gross hedonism, and relativism.

We do need a religious foundation for long-term stability and guidance, but the universal spiritualism of the church turned reality on its head by rejecting and blocking materialism, and by disparaging the vital evolutionary desires of materialism, even to the point of celibacy. More of that is not the way to reach real Godhood, although it can lead to an inward symbolic experience of God.

We evolve to Godhood in the material world and therefore the material world is sacred and precious. But material evolution needs evolutionary guidance from both religion and science. The relativity of values of modern culture, as well as the traditional religious blocking or misdirection of vital desires makes it far more difficult to reach Godhood.

When the church disproves of or even bans the genetic transformation and evolution of man by man, they hinder the path to real Godhood, and that is not a very religious thing to do. That is the opposite of affirming God.

The mission of theological materialism is to bring religion back by bringing forward the sacred view of materialism. Not the hedonistic, free-wheeling relativism of our modern atheistic materialism, but by affirming material evolution as the sacred means to Godhood.

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