Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We need to recover from the great spiritual blockade while retaining religion

Religion and philosophy made la-la-land, spiritual, non-material concepts and ideas real (they even made Ideas Gods) and they made the material world unreal, and we need to recover from that great spiritual blockade.

The "will" (highest instinct) is not inferior to the high intellect, as Schopenhauer thought, and the will is not merely an amoral power drive ruling the intellect, as Nietzsche thought. Schopenhauer thought the will needed to be overcome for the intellect to grasp eternal ideas, not unlike the religious mystics or Plato.

The superbiological will, here defined as will-spirit, spirit-will, or spirit-will-to-Godhood, is the material, not spiritual, drive within life (essentially defining life) activating material life to evolve toward supermaterial Godhood, the zenith of successful survival and reproduction. The intellect is only activated by the will and cannot grasp what the sacred goal is as fully as the will can, although the will does not have merely an intellectual concept of sacred goals as the intellect does.

We can recover from the great spiritual blockade not by killing God and religion as Nietzsche did, and not by making a God of Ideas as Schopenhauer and the old mystics did, we can conservatively retain the old inward concept of the spiritual God as only the first glimpse of real supermaterial Godhood evolved to in the material world.

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