Friday, April 21, 2017

They could have saved God and Truth by seeing them as material/supermaterial objects

Yes, horses are real but the "species" concept of horses is not "real," species is the secondary unreal definition of the real. Why is that so hard for philosophers to admit?

Ideas may be "timeless" but they are not real. Timeless Ideas are not the most "objective" knowledge of the world we can have. 

The most "objective" thing is the material or supermaterial object, not the Idea of the object.

The thing-in-itself is not an Idea it is a real material or supermaterial object, or objects.

Plato and later Schopenhauer went as far as to say that Ideas exist in reality independent of the "subject," they said ideas are not "concepts" but are part of nature awaiting discovery.

No, the discoveries waiting to be discovered are material and supermaterial objects, with ideas only secondarily defining them.

Sometimes I think the philosophers demoted material objects only for the purpose of trying to save their non-material spiritual view of God and Truth.

They could have saved God and Truth by seeing them as real material/supermaterial objects evolved to in the material world.

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