Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The New Metaphysics

The in-itself thing and its representation are not equal, they are one or the other, and the representation is vastly inferior to the thing-in-itself. This redeems both materialism and religion, but requires seeing Godhood as material or supermaterial and not merely as an Idea, or as Spiritual, or as a mathematical concept. It also requires material evolution to be elevated to the sacred path to Godhood.

What activates this sacred process? Within material life exists the endless activation toward endless survival and reproductive success whose zenith is supermaterial Godhood. In theological materialism this activation is defined as the Spirit-Will or Will-Spirit, including the word "spirit" only to conservatively relate to traditional religion, but the Spirit-Will is entirely material or supermaterial.

"Objectification" is wholly material and related to material evolution, with absolute objectification and truth defined as the material and supermaterial objects called Godhood. It is an endless evolution toward higher and higher Godhoods, with occasional new primal material beginnings, even as other evolutions continue at various levels.

If there is an "essence" or an unchanging thing it seems to be the activation within life toward ever evolving life, here called the material Spirit-Will. This essence is not God it seeks Godhood and is always unfinished.

The Twofold Path in theological materialism, the Involutionary and Evolutionary, connect the traditional inward path of the symbolic experience of the God or Father Within---attained by blocking material desires---with the Outward Path of material evolution toward real Godhood---attained by fulfilling desires in the evolutionary path. We can conservatively retain the traditional inward Mass of Sacrifice along with the evolutionary Mass of Evolution or Joy.

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