Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Re-materialization after the great deception

Was a rock ever a rock or a tree ever a tree in theology? Although I have questions about whether or not religion was ever materialized, theological materialism re-materializes religion and philosophy.

If biology doesn't determine our destiny what does? Culture? That is Marxism, but also that is modern liberalism and postmodern philosophy. They have fouled the waters of the material foundation of the world. Why? They "deregulate culture" with "creative" destruction to benefit themselves, they disparage biology, class, and race to advance their own class and race. It really is an amazing deception.

Theological materialism doesn't, like science, reject religion. We do not lose God when we re-materialize religion, we transform the fiction of a spiritual God or spiritual truth into material or supermaterial Godhood and truth, reached through material evolution.

Seeking higher things is not seeking the airy nothing of spiritualism, it is seeking supermaterial Godhood by way of material evolution.

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