Monday, April 24, 2017

Godhood is a material object, not a spiritual subject

I keep coming back to this object/subject argument:

Gurus and philosophers have been in love with their own minds, missing the reality of the forest outside of their minds for the unreality of the trees inside their minds. Religion and much of philosophy have been based in subjectivism and idealism, their gods and truths are mostly in their minds only.

But rejecting this subjectivism should not lead to "atheism" if we choose the real living object over the lala-land-subject. Godhood and the gods are not the gods of subjectivism and idealism, not the god experienced when all material desires are blocked, and also not the mathematical truth seen in the mind when all material things are left out of the picture.

Godhood and the Gods are material, or more specifically, supermaterial, and evolved to in the material world. Godhood is a material object, not a spiritual subject....But we can retain Plato's cave, Buddha's navel, and Christ's cross in the Twofold Path, if we see their insights and Inward Path goals as preliminary to the Outward Path of material evolution to real Godhood.

So walk out in the forest, if you can find one, and tell the material trees that they are released from their great spiritual blockade....If odd stares bother you do it quietly.

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