Monday, April 17, 2017

Enough of airy gurus and supercilious philosophers

Since Plato philosophers have exaggerated the importance of the "Idea." Schopenhauer said that the Idea was "even the whole thing in itself, only under the form of representation." This is absurd. It's like saying a person's name is as important as the person.

These thinkers define God and Truth in the same way, as an Idea only, even though they try to cover this by saying that God and truth are real but are spiritual and not material. That still defines God and truth as airy nothing.  It encourages atheists to reject God and religion and philosophers to reject truth and conservatism.

Godhood and truth are smeared at the expense of real material life, which is in reality the only vehicle to evolve to real Godhood: we evolve to Godhood in the material world and Godhood is the supermaterial zenith of material evolution. The tragic joke is that the gurus and philosophers often use ideas and religion for the very purpose of gaining the material power they smear.

We do need religion to ground civilization deep enough for very long term successful survival, reproduction and ongoing evolution, as human history has shown us.  But to do this religion, philosophy, and material life need to be exhumed from the death verdict of these airy gurus and supercilious philosophers.

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