Monday, March 27, 2017

Bringing theology and philosophy back to real life

Mind, intellect, soul are all material and were developed within material evolution to serve or subserve the "will." Here with theological materialism the will is called the activating Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, the sacred goal of life. Mind, intellect, soul were developed within material life as an aid in the evolution of material life to supermaterial Godhood. Using the term spirit for something that is material or supermaterial may be confusing but we need to make the connection to past religious definitions of God, soul, and spirit to harmonize with the conservative nature of change in human nature, as religion is transformed.

Godhood is the zenith of the material evolution of life. But as far as we know, evolution never stops and never starts. It was all too human of us to narrowly think that since we and the life around us start and stop, God and the cosmos must not start or stop but go on forever, as we wish we could.

Nietzsche and his postmodern followers saw this disconnect with the real material world and chose to kill God, which was too extreme, using the hammer when the scalpel was required.  (Incidentally, Schopenhauer's view of art and aesthetics required this same blocking of the will, and Freud followed him down that same rabbit hole.)

This was a tragic mistake in metaphysics, because it has slowed down or stopped our evolution to real Godhood. The ascetic way of traditional religion blocks the activating material spirit-will, and attempts to block time, place, cause, and effect in order to see or experience only the symbolic inward God, mistaken as non-material. Stopping all desires (no easy task) to see the inward God can bring hedonistic bliss, but it is not Godhood.

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