Monday, February 20, 2017

Dugin's fourth political theory should have been defined as part of the first theory

Aleksandr Dugin's fourth political theory mainly involves the first religious theory of non-materialism and spiritualism. What Dugin returns to is his own Guenonian/Evolian/Duginian version of ancient religious tradition.

The theological materialism written about here will not be called a fifth political theory, there is not a fifth theory any more than there is a fourth political theory, the so-called fourth is clearly part of the first non-materialist spiritual theory, as is theological materialism.

Theological materialism represents the religious evolutionary material path to Godhood. Now that is a new and realistic way to deal with the decaying modern world, and there is no need to give it a theory number. Theological materialism includes but transforms various elements of the other "theories," traditionalist religion, liberalism, communism, even fascism, along with the vitality of modern science.

Material evolution has the sacred goal of evolving to supermaterial Godhood, and non-materialism and spiritualism can at last be understood as only the Inward Path and secondary to the Outward Path of material evolution toward Godhood. Godhood is retained, religion is retained, science and progress are included by way of finally having a sacred religious goal for material evolution.

This is not merely the inward goal of experiencing the God or Father Within by way of anti-material  asceticism, which was only a small hint of what real Godhood is like at the zenith of the successful evolution of material life, which never really begins or ends.

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