Friday, January 06, 2017

What can be done about the media, and what can be done about the fall of the West?

In an essay by Joseph Pearce on the great Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Chronicles Jan 2017), Solzhenitsyn is quoted as saying that the media is "the greatest power within the Western countries, exceeding that of the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary," and Solzhenitsyn asks, " according to what law has it been elected and to whom is it responsible?" That is not said by men in positions of power, and it needs to be a big center of attention.

What can be done about it? Freedom of the press need not be chained, but big media monopolies need to be broken up, even if it takes an amendment to the Constitution to clarify it. But even that is not enough.

Solzhenitsyn's call for a virtue culture which turns its back on materialism to save the West, alas, becomes another Utopianism. It has been the Utopian dreams of spiritualism which have limited the path of material evolution to real Godhood. Disillusionment with Utopian secularism does not justify another spiritual utopianism to take its place.

Like Solzhenitsyn before them, the Traditional School of Russia today (eg. Aleksandr Dugin) seek to go back to spiritual utopianism to save the world, and Western intellectuals in the New Right in Europe and in America have followed this course, making the Enlightenment, reason, and science the enemy of Godhood.

We do need a religious understanding of politics and economics as Solzhenitsyn suggests, but we need a virtue culture based in the evolution of material life to supermaterial Godhood. The Enlightenment and reason are not the enemy of Godhood even though they are the enemy of believing in a deeper goal beyond the human goals suggested by the Enlightenment and reason. Materialism is not the limitation of divine goals, it is the means by which we evolve to real Godhood...Theological materialism sets this course. 

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