Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Those who advocate the esoteric doctrine of experiencing "gnosis" are highly arrogant

Gnosis is the so-called direct supra-rational "union with God." But no human can experience a real union with God or be a God or a god-man since God or Godhood must be evolved to in the material and supermaterial world far beyond the human species. Rare as it is, those capable of experiencing rare gnosis, after much ascetic discipline, are experiencing a peak human experience (and not spiritual) of something of what Godhood may be like when evolved to. Civilizations founded on these esoteric doctrines are eventually the religious cause of the death of the civilization due to the neglect of material life and material evolution, as well as the more tragic death of ever evolving to real Godhood. Real material evolution is deprecated and blocked by an esoteric elite who do not value the material world. The deepest civilizations will be grounded in material evolution toward supermaterial Godhood over immense time. This, we better hope, is the future of man.

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