Friday, December 30, 2016

I see a better defense of the West in the deep-conservatism of theological materialism

As I speculated a few days ago, what seems to be coming now is Donald Trump and his advisers turning away from Russia toward what could become another bi-polar world, with the U.S., Israel, and the Sunni states in the West, and with Russia, Iran, and China in the East, with at least Russia supporting Shiah Islam. Europe might be up for grabs from either side.

In the West the "cultus" or religion was Christian but has turned toward a nonreligious materialism, and the cultus of the East had recently been Communist---and still is in China---while Russia under Putin has turned toward old Orthodox Christianity, and in the case of Putin's intellectual, Dugin, has turned toward the Traditionalist School of Guenon and Evola who religiously and philosophically hated the materialistic West. Conservatives in the West want to turn back to tradition, not unlike Russia, but the tradition in the West disparages materialism even as it pursues various versions of capitalism.

I see a better defense of the West in the deep-conservatism of theological materialism, where real Godhood is understood as evolved to in the material world, which the spiritualism of the East hates. Theological materialism is the deepest religious and philosophical defense of the West, with science and progress assuredly affirmed along with religion, whereas the turn back toward the Traditionalist School of the East is a dead end which hates the world and essentially hates science, and reaches only a secondary inward God. The old inward God experienced after strict asceticism can be conservatively retained but needs to be transformed in the Outward Path toward real Godhood reached by way of material/supermaterial evolution.

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