Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Toward a new Mass of the Twofold Path

If I say that theological materialism and the Twofold Path re-brand religion, to use the modern term, does that transformation retain the essence of religion? What is the essence of religion?

I say the essence of religion (and much of philosophy) is "spiritualism" or non-materialism, in direct contrast to materialism. Theological materialism and the Twofold Path do change that "essence" with the understanding that it is actually material life which evolves to supermaterial Godhood.

Spiritualism is not re-branded it is superseded, but the spiritual conception or experience of the God or Father Within, sought by all ascetics, is retained in the Inward Path, which is transformed in the Outward Path of material evolution to supermaterial Godhood.

This is actually a very simple theological and philosophical transformation which conservatively retains the old religion, Godhood, sacred goals, social bonding, and so on, while at the same time requiring profoundly complex changes involving the ongoing religiously, philosophically, and scientifically directed evolution of life on earth and out into the cosmos toward Godhood.

A new Mass of the Twofold Path, ritually bonding both, seems to be necessary in this religion of the distant past and distant future. The Evolutionary Church can retain the old Mass of the Inward Path while adding the new affirmations of the Outward Path.

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