Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My suggestion for combining or synthesizing the Proto-Indo-European theories

I can't accurately follow the fast moving Paleolithic gene trackers regarding the origins of Proto-Indo-European, but here is a suggestion for combining or synthesizing the Proto-Indo-European origin theories, that is...the Pontic-Caspian steppe origin theory (now Eastern Ukraine and Southern Russia), the Anatolian hypothesis proposing that the Indo-European languages spread peacefully into Europe from Asia Minor, the Paleolithic Continuity Theory suggesting that the Proto-Indo-European language speakers were native in Europe since the paleolithic, which suggests that the advent of Indo-European languages should be linked to the arrival of Homo sapiens, the Cro Magnon theory of R. Cedric Leonard saying that Cro Magnons migrated from the West in four main migrations or invasions beginning at least 50,000 years ago related to the various arrivings and recedings of the last glacial period, with "Atlantis" as their homeland, then the old theory of the "The Arctic Home In The Vedas" by Lokamanya Bâl Gangâdhar Tilak suggesting a home existing in the Arctic at the top of the ancient world, and finally the oldest myths and legends of ancient times from many lands.

Here is my suggestion for combining or synthesizing these theories: Cro Magnons, the first Homo Sapiens, migrated perhaps do to big weather changes from Hyperboria, which was somewhere near Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, northern Canada, and northern Eurasia, having migrated north earlier as prehumans perhaps from Africa. That is, Homo sapiens didn't evolve in East Africa as we are told, they came from elsewhere to Africa. The Cro Magnons (who may have included the "Giants " of myth) were speaking some proto version of Indo European, then they migrated (or invaded) from the West beginning at least 50,000 years ago. Eventually they migrated east to Western Europe and across the Eurasian Steppes. Sometime later their descendants in Eurasia became the Indo Europeans, the Kurgan types, who migrated back West and South where the they became the founders of most of the ancient civilizations as we know them. They probably encountered in northern regions of the West another branch of their old cousins the giant Cro Magnons, and also perhaps a few dwarves and gnomes now called other names by science... I would like to see a genetic tracking of this hypothesis.

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