Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ethnopluralism is the real opposite of modern liberalism

The transvaluation of values of cultural Marxism, or modern liberalism, defines anyone who disagrees with its propaganda as a fascist, bigot, or racist and as a threat to its monstrous world of no borders, no religion, no history, no ethnic differences, and its approval of such things as sodomy and total equality.

The real opposite of modern liberalism is not libertarian capitalism which tends to become licentious and even fascist, and the opposite is not the Traditional School of religion, which tends toward both religious and political imperialism. The opposite of the transvaluation of values of modern liberalism is ethnopluralism, with regions and states grounded in well protected and diverse ethnic cultures.

Ethnopluralism is the way to oppose modern liberalism with the moral high ground, which actually respects real human nature, real human rights, real diversity, and real freedom---and don't forget real evolution. Ethnopluralism can bring whatever peace and harmony is possible for human beings because it is based in real human nature, which remains very much group selecting.

So let's see the movement toward ethnopluralism at least begin. It can be done legally, conservatively, by affirming the constitutional separation of powers and states, with only a few amendments. European thinkers on the right have been affirming ethnopluralism for a long time, although recently they seem to have been seduced by Alexander Dugin, who hates the West with his version of the imperial, non-material traditional school, led by Russia.

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