Monday, May 02, 2016

Reenchanting the World

The disenchantment of the imaginative world by the steady growth of science was somewhat needed because both Traditionalism and postmodernism error too much on the side of imagination or idealism. If the real world evolves materially to supermaterial Godhood, as I believe it does, then we can again mingle the worlds of realism and romanticism, the epic and commonplace, poetry and prose, the ideal and the real. Theological materialism re-enchants the world with the convergence of science and religion in the evolution of the material world to Godhood.

“Moral realism” is represented by the values and virtues of the evolution of the material world to the zenith of material evolution which is Godhood, the same Godhood of old which was seen inwardly and symbolical, and now seen outwardly thorough material/supermaterial evolution.

Direct sociobiological connections between the genes and the environment, nature and nurture, counter the gulf between imagination and realism. Human nature represents both. The religious philosophy of theological materialism represents the ideal of Godhood and the real of sociobiologically explained evolution.

Are the arts superior to the military? Is reality superior to the arts? This leads to the question, is nature superior to nurture? These things converge in human nature and in human culture. Taking one away from the other is like amputating the legs. Realism without idealism is not an accurate picture of human life, nature needs nurture. As R. V. Young points out, fiction and imagination can help reveal the real world.

I do not think we have to repent for a “fallen” nature by thinking that materialism leads nowhere, or to hell. Materialism leads to the evolution of life to Godhood. And likewise, we do not have to repent for our imaginations when we accept science.

Even the erotic forces are worthy of divine honors because hidden beneath the surface of eroticism is the reproductive evolution to Godhood as the highest beauty. Which means that love really is transforming, and not just in this world but in the next.

We can change the physical world, like changing lead to gold, with the alchemy of material evolution. That is the only esoteric or arcane symbolism I can approve of. The black (?) arts of the Traditionalist School, the Masons and the Kabbalah, and even Jesuit occult symbolism, are one-sided imagination, words, numbers, symbols, which ultimately reject realism for non-materialism and spiritualism, when both in reality converge in the evolution of the material world to Godhood.

( My response to “Shakespeare and Cervantes,” an excellent essay by R.V. Young in the Spring 2016 issue of “Modern Age”)

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