Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A short working speculation on what we are, how we know what we know, and where we are going

We are freest when we are aware of the degree of free-will we have within our determinism. Unconscious determinism is not bad. Consciousness was not the “fall” from the unconscious direction of life. Animals are not bad because they are unaware of their biological determinism. It is not unconscious determinism in itself that is backward, it is unawareness of the degree of determinism and free-will that is backward.

Next comes the degree of awareness of the goals of determinism and free-will. I see two immediate goals of life, one long and one short. The short goal is the secondary activation of life toward survival and reproductive success. The longer goal is the primary activation of life to evolve in the material world to Godhood. This would suggest that the highest consciousnesses would be to be conscious of the primary goal of life which activates the others.

As consciousness evolves, the progression within the body and mind might follow something like this sequence:  The Spirit-Will-To-Godhood, which is material, activates within life. The Will-To-Live then activates life toward survival and reproductive success, adjusting to outside evolution, which eventually evolves human beings and human nature. The senses build images in the brain. Images build language. Language builds thoughts. Thoughts create actions. Actions create the moral dimension. The moral dimension creates social actions. Social actions create culture.

If this sequence refers back to the initial activation of the Spirit-Will-to-Godhood then order and harmony take place along the whole sequence of body, mind and culture. Otherwise there are degrees of disharmony....

That is at least a short working speculation on what we are, how we know what we know, and where we are going.

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