Friday, April 08, 2016

Grouping the far right from small government conservatism to big government fascism

If I group the far right from the small government perspective to big government fascism, rather than from left to right, the right could be said to go from the paleoconservatives ( represented by Chronicles, The American Conservative ), to racial fascism ( Stormfront, more or less ). And in between are the intellectual racialists (American Renaissance, Counter-Currents ), the scientific ethnocentrists (The Unz Review, VDARE), and the Traditionalist School ( Right On, Alternative Right), with some spill over between groups, but generally disliking one another---which is exploited by moles and disrupters.
Another division is between those who are openly anti-Semitic and those who are not, but also those who speak from the America First-Not Israel-First perspective, like paleoconservative Pat Buchanan who is not anti-Semitic. The neoconservatives, who are almost exclusively pro-Israel, are not included in this grouping of the right because they are not conservative---for example, they recently said they would support the globalist Hillary Clinton over the nationalist Donald Trump. Libertarians tend to be complete individualists and this counters the central selection unit of group-selection (ethnocentrism) which created real altruism in the first place. And then modern liberals are led by cultural Marxists who are fascist on the left.

The Guenon/Evola-founded Traditionalist School, which is now represented by the Russian Alexander Dugin, who hates the West, has charmed many intellectual racialists in Europe and the U.S. into becoming a sort of fifth column against the West---although globalism certainly needs to be taken apart.

Where am I in this field? I am an outcast from the outcasts. I affirm the U.S. constitutional principle of the separation of powers and states, eventually moving toward ethnopluralism, that is, ethnostates for ethnic cultures, protected by federalism, which may or may not require a small amendment to our Constitution. Fascists don't like this small government conservative perspective, preferring old racial supremacy and imperialism, which does not work (and is not moral) in today's overcrowded world. And religiously universal paleoconservatives don't much like biological divisions.

My religious philosophy of theological materialism is disliked by virtually all groups on the right, from the scientific ethnocentrists who, like most scientists, don't accept any form of teleological direction in evolution and consider anyone who does so a crackpot, to the paleoconservatives who don't accept any kind evolutionary or scientific transformation of traditional religion, to the Traditionalist School, who are ultimately imperialists, and do not much like evolution or science---and certainly not when it is placed within religion.

I actually feel that my outcasthood from the right and the left indicates that I am on the right track---although a little support might help.

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