Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finding our way out of the metaphysical confinement

Supermateriality is the antidote to religious and philosophical abstraction. Being or Godhood is directly connected to the material world in that the material world evolves to the supermateriality of Godhood. Immaterial abstraction is not required. (see theological materialism) What do we need a causeless Being for other than to please a mathematical or theological/philosophical preference for abstractions?

The mind and truth are a faculty of the material body. Even the mind, or minds, of Godhood are “confined” to the material or supermaterial. The material object defines truth as an object, and the supermaterial object (or Godhood) defines absolute truth as a super-object. Being is “confined” to real concrete things which range from the simple material to the complex (or refined) supermaterial.

The fear of Being seems to disappear when Being is understood as “confined” to the concrete material or supermaterial. It is the dislike or fear of Being which mainly created the escape into immateriality. Life is transformed into superlife through evolution and not transformed into immateriality. The Great Spiritual Blockade against materiality and supermateriality needs to be unblocked.

Man evolves in the material world to Being or Godhood. Man does not merely gain access to the “meaning” of Being, man becomes Being by way of evolution, if he is successful. The history of metaphysics is the history of the false creation of Being by man. But that false creation was/is the way we found/find our way out of the metaphysical confinement.

Defining Being this way grounds the so-called groundless Being of Plato, Heidegger, and other theologians and philosophers, who spend too much time swimming in luke warm abstractions.

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