Thursday, April 07, 2016

Can Traditionalism accept Theological Materialism?

I think what appealed to the Traditionalist School ( Guenon, Evola, Schuon, and now Dugin) was the possibility of including within the Judaic-Islamic-Christian religions the pre-Christian pagan religions, from Nativism to the Vedas---although of these men Guenon seems to to have been more centered on finding mystical truths wherever they may be.  Schuon was on the right track when he studied Native American religions as reflecting ancient religious traditions from Northern Europe and Asia, especially since it seems that there could have been Cro-Magnon type Solutreans in America before the Asians.

But with all due respect I believe this all adds up to a dead end regarding future religious philosophy, especially when the Traditionalist School turns away from the modern world and rejects Western science in their mystical or religious pronouncements. The real synthesis comes from including science in religion (Guillaume Faye's Archeofuturism does at least try to include modern science.) The real religious problem comes from the non-material spiritualism of both paganism and traditional religions, which now need to take a secondary backseat to the vital evolutionary elements of religion.

The ancient and traditional religions all advocated the Inward Path of asceticism to experience the so-called non-material God Within, applying ascetic methods from sweat lodges to monasteries. But that Inward Path was only symbolic of the Outward Path of material evolution to real supermaterial Godhood, which will be certainly aided by modern science. The real illusion is not the materialism defined as illusion from Nativism and Platonism to the Traditionalist School, the real illusion is the so-called spiritual, non-material God, which was, and is, only a symbolic hint of the Outward Path of material evolution to real supermaterial Godhood.

This brings Traditionalism to Theological Materialism, where the old Inward symbolic God is conservatively included but transformed. Can Traditionalism accept it? I believe a positive future for evolving life, and attaining Godhood, depend on it.

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