Saturday, March 05, 2016

How we arrived at the betrayal of the West by far right intellectuals

It is understandable that the far right or nativists in the West would be frustrated. They have been rejected on all fronts from the left to conservatives. A revival of paganism seems to have been too much of a stretch to catch on in the West which was founded on Christianity propped up with ancient Greek philosophy. And religion generally had the problem of universalism which rejected ethnocentrism or racialism. Perhaps Darwinism had a better chance with the far right, but the destruction of fascism, which claimed to affirm Darwin, made that course virtually impossible to revive after WWII.

Then came the revival of Rene Guenon, Julius Evola and the Traditionalist School, and more recently Aleksandr Dugin. These men, especially Guenon, were brilliant religious and political philosophers who found deep connections between all the religions in an ancient primordial or perennial philosophy, which has been called the Traditionalist School. This truly was brilliant scholarship and genius intuitive thinking. It even included the pagan religions! And so it seemed to solve many of the problems on the far right, mentioned above. One could include nativism and racialism, although Traditionalism was universalist in rejecting materialism. This led to the far right in the West rejecting the West and rejecting the materialism of the West, in both the capitalist and religious sense. The spiritualism, not materialism, of Vedic and Platonic philosophy arose again.

Another problem: Guenon embraced Islam, or at least a deeper esoteric version of Islam, as fitting well with the primordial religion he revived. And many on the far right went along with this, which was indeed another rejection of the West. Islam wanted the old patriarchy back, including the warrior-mentality, and this meshed with the far right, and Guenon's view of war even harmonized with the old Sanskrit Bhagavad Gita.

Next came the Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, who thoroughly hated the West, and also affirmed the work of Guenon and Evola. Dugin became the intellectual hero of the intellectual far right in the West, in France first, of course, and then the rest of the West, and they followed him in hating their own Western world. Dugin even brought the intellectual heavyweight Heidegger in to buttress his views...And so we arrived at the betrayal of the West by the far right in the West and also its predilection for Islam.

As I have written here before, Dugin has virtually rejected all that is great in the West, science, technology, evolution, overlooking the high quality gene pool of the West in his angry zeal to reject all that is actually bad in the West, such as the neoconservatism, and soulless consumerism.

But most importantly, Dugin and the Traditionalist School have embraced the wrong religious philosophy. That is, they have affirmed as foremost a world-renouncing, “non-material” Inward God, which is really a truncated symbol of the Godhood reached by way of the material world which they reject. This means they reject their chance to evolve to real Godhood, the goal of evolution, and the zenith of success in survival and reproduction.

I affirm the religious philosophy of theological materialism, and ethnopluralism as the political expression of this religious philosophy. It is with this philosophy that we defend the West. Theological materialism and ethnopluralism could potentially unite various factions on the near and far right, as well as anti-globalist liberals, and even science might see something rational in this religious philosophy of the future. Will we have help from those who seek to officially protect the West, or from groups who actually support the West? Probably not from those who support the neoconservatives, or the moderate liberals or neoliberals (think of Hillary) who go along with the neoconservatives. Even Western traditionalists such as the paleoconservatives, who I respect, affirm a God not unlike the more Eastern Traditionalist School and will perhaps hold back. Meanwhile the far right is serving as a fifth column in the West for Dugin's dreams of a Eurasian empire that crushes the West.

Our real strength for synthesis and union is the religious and scientific foundation of theological materialism, and the natural call for ethnopluralism, relating best to real human nature, which still very much prefers kin and group-selection. That is, in the United States and perhaps elsewhere too, regions and states set aside for ethnic cultures, affirmed by the primary group-selection of real human nature, and by the legal principles of the Constitution which separates powers and states, and with a variety of ethnic cultures evolving ever upward toward Godhood, united with real conservatism, modern science, and anti-globalists everywhere.

It is certainly possible to be patriotic and defend the West.

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