Monday, February 08, 2016

The metaphysical errors of Heidegger, Dugin and Guenon

One has to agree with Alexander Dugin when he hopes for an end to modern liberalism in the West, but I disagree that this also means the suppression or destruction of the U.S. and the West. And I also disagree with Dugin's paean to Martin Heidegger (“The Philosophy of Another Beginning”).

Heidegger's definition of human nature as “There Being” is only confusing. There is no Being or “Sein” as Heidegger defines it.

Plato's “technique” is far more than the reduction of consciousness, it is the reduction of material life itself. Plato prefers a non-material Being, but so does Heidegger! Their Being is only a definition, however sacred.

Heidegger was right to attack philosophical tradition since Socrates/Plato, as was Nietzsche, but neither of them led the way out of relativism, nihilism and false spirituality. Heidegger and Dugin were also right to show how Plato wrongly divided the world into phenomenal “things" and eternal “forms.” But then Heidegger and Dugin do the same thing!

In reality Heidegger, Dugin, and also the traditionalist Rene Guenon put man's consciousness no longer in the world because they also place God or the zenith of Being no longer in the world, as Plato and the Indian sages did before them. This certainly did not lead the world out of the deepest relativism and nihilism.

Heidegger was right to point out that technocracy leads to inhuman tyranny. Artificial super-intelligence continues this move toward techno-tyranny. But a non-material Being or God which leads us to hating science and technology is also inhuman tyranny. Science is probably our best hope of actually reaching real Godhood, by aiding in our material evolution to supermaterial Godhood.

Heidegger was not a bridge to a new philosophy, his Being was not very much unlike Plato's Being, or Guenon's God, defined as a non-material super consciousness. This is only a definition or blissful experience of God and not a material or supermaterial thing itself.

Theological materialism, written about in this blog, expands philosophical naturalism in ontology. We evolve in the material world to supermaterial Godhood and not to a non-material consciousnesses of Being. We can, like good conservatives, retain in the Twofold Path the inward consciousness of God or the Father Within, but it is transformed in the outward path of evolution toward real Godhood.

This is the true revival of religion, philosophy, and science, together again. Political philosophy is also included in the revival of the West (and the East) with ethnopluralism, which is most in harmony with evolution and real human nature, and in harmony with the constitutional separation of powers in the good old U.S.A., which certainly does not need to be suppressed.

This is not a new radical "beginning" but a long overdo transformation of traditional life and philosophy.

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