Friday, November 30, 2012

The space to live apart rather than secession: see the Tenth Amendment

“...For if America is to endure as a nation, her peoples are going to need the freedom to live differently and the space to live apart, according to their irreconcilable beliefs...”

“...Can we all just get along?” asked Rodney King during the Los Angeles riot of 1992. Well, if we can’t, we can at least dwell apart...After all, it’s a big country. ”

Patrick J. Buchanan


Tenth Amendment to the Constitution:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. "

Reviving The World

The problem arises when religion, philosophy, science and mathematical models move beyond the actual object, beyond models of physical reality, beyond location, mass and extension. Even our theoretical, ideal or phenomenological models need to be seen as physical or super-physical reality with location, mass and extension. We have been playing intellectual games without rules.

The world can be revived not by traditional religion, the Enlightenment, psychology, or political means alone but by evolutionary religious goals which can synthesize these fields. We apply evolution to Godhood as both religious and scientific goals because Godhood is understood as a physical or super-physical reality and not as a non-material entity without location, mass or extension.

We can awaken human beings to the material Spirit-Will which activates material life to evolve to Godhood, and is then shaped by the back and forth of natural evolution. This can bring conscious control of the unconscious fires below, which affirms and civilizes the beast of materialism without trying to block or extirpate  materialism or the goal of this zenith of the instincts.

We can bring back the lost universal hero in the language of both myth and science to help liberate the people from devolution and destruction by unblocking the path of our evolution to Godhood.
What more would you want? Life deserves no less.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How To Evolve

I approve of a blend of the natural process and genetic engineering in developing positive genetic mutations as we evolve toward Godhood. I don't approve of becoming trans-human cyborgs because we can lose actual life that way, replaced by artificial life. Artificial life, computers, etc. can aid in our evolution, but we don't want to become computers.

The natural process of evolution goes on, but it's slow and can cause much suffering as only about one in one hundred mutations are considered advantageous and the rest are often cruelly rejected. Speeding up this process can be considered humane and compassionate. We need to become more intelligent with more virtuous character as fast as we can to solve the big problems of survival on earth and in the cosmos.

But Wilson and Cattell and others have shown us that there are limits to cultural side-effects that go too far. As the body rejects transplants in proportion to genetic distance, so cultural transplants are not assimilated in proportion to their cultural distance. This is human nature.  But short-term thinking and selfishness are also part of human nature, special-interests have tried to block human nature and block human evolution for selfish ends.

People have insisted on world equality, or that all-humans-are-alike, or on the other hand, people have imperialistically or racially exploited other nations, which does not relate harmoniously for long with real human nature. I believe the best way to harmonize political structures with human nature and forward evolution is to have small states or ethnostates protected in their independence and variety by light federalism and subsidiarity. I think evolutionary religion working with sociobiological science can be the best monitors of our long evolution. And voluntary compliance and not coercion is not only the civilized way to go but the practical way to go, given human nature. 

We have a very long way to evolve to Godhood and we will need Ordered Evolution to get there.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Defining beauty in the Twofold Path is a reconciliation of the sacred and profane

What is it like to look at something beautiful? Plato and traditional religion said beauty brought a desire akin to contemplating the good, but Burke said beauty brought a desire to possess the object.

Plato's contemplating the good is related to the Involutionary Inward Path to the God or Father Within whereas Burke's desire to possess the object is related to the Evolutionary Outward Path of evolution to Godhood.

Godhood is reached through material and supermaterial evolution engaged in reproduction and survival, as life rises to the highest beauty and truth possible in the cosmos. The Inward Path must block material desires to reach the enlightenment of seeing the God Within and so material desires are called profane. But the desire to possess is not a profane definition of beauty.

It is the Outward Path of evolution that brings back sacred beauty from its exile in the Great Spiritual Blockade of the Inward Path. This seems to suggest that what the Inward Path defines as profane is defined as sacred in the Outward Path, and vice versa. But both kinds of beauty, both paths can be affirmed in the Twofold Path. The beauty of the Inward Path is a mirror to help us see the true beauty reached in the Outward Path.

Defining beauty in the Twofold Path is a reconciliation of the sacred and profane.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The cultural power of small states

Small states have a better chance, perhaps the only chance, for the stylistic and organic unity of genuine and original culture, large states tend to be made up of borrowing and imitation and a jumble of styles and people. Real cultures show real original art and ability, reflecting their organic unity. Light federalism or subsidiarity needs to be seen as not much more than protecting the independence of the real cultures of small states. A republic like Switzerland which is a confederation with no direct power over its citizens is probably asking for too much, given human nature, so light federalism or subsidiary protecting small states is more realistic.

We are all human beings but we are made of a variety of states and ethnic groups and styles which need to be affirmed if we are to have real cultures. This is common sense obscured by those with special interests, such as promoting only production, information, the military, etc. America needs to return to the cultural power of small states protected by a light federalism. I dare say this probably applies to Europe and China as well. Political groupings larger than small states often become imperialistic and a universal mix that is the opposite of real culture, which defines barbarism.

What takes this worldview beyond the Darwinian struggles of present mankind (even as it certainly includes the Darwinian) is religion, which is needed for any culture to last. Religion brings sublime character and tone and guiding belief to culture. But it is vital for religion to affirm variety, small states, and evolution within and without, which leads to real culture, and not universal sameness, imperialism and barbarism, the antithesis of culture.  The one "universal" grounded in the activating Spirit-Will, is our evolution to Godhood as the divine goal of all cultures.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Why evolutionary realism in the arts

Do we seek the clarity of the classicist or the infinite (Burke's sublime) of the romantic in the arts? Adapting Robert Ellwood's view of Carl Jung and Burke, I would say our ignorance of Godhood causes us to give form to archetypes going forward in evolution to Godhood and inward to the Spirit-Will which activates life.

As Kant said we cannot fully know reality but I add that we will know reality when we evolve to Godhood, than we will also know truth and beauty. This is a romantic notion but since it also seeks absolute truth it seeks the clarity of classicism.

I split the difference and use the term evolutionary realism as less weighted than romantic classicism, and also since evolution is so central to the theological materialism of the Evolutionary Christian Church.  This also blends the Darwinian and the phenomenological as discussed yesterday.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How the Darwinian and phenomenological can work together

Reproduction and natural selection are basic, we are programmed by our genes to seek survival success, but there is more to the program than reproduction and natural selection which can take us beyond or beneath the Darwinian theory. A Spirit-Will activates life first and life is then shaped by evolution---this is more precisely called the Spirit-Will-To- Godhood. We are alive not merely to reproduce and survive but so that life may evolve to Godhood, this is the goal of the Spirit-Will which activates within material life.

I don't see a rivalry between the Darwinian and this religious account. They require each other to be complete. This worldview remains a materialist ontology with the additions of the Spirit-Will, the supermaterial and Godhood, not yet defined by science but known through intellectual intuition and faith. The Darwinian and phenomenological accounts this way can work together.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The will to power and the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood

Wherever I found a living thing, I found the will to power...” Nietzsche

If I change the will-to-power to the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood then, perhaps, I can agree with it.

The will to power is the secret of life, its driving force. Becoming a superman is accepting, loving and participating in this process." Nietzsche

This Nietzsche quote I would change to: the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood is the secret of life, its driving force. Materially and perpetually evolving higher and higher toward the goal of super-material Godhood is accepting, loving and participating in this great and sacred process.

(A response to Nietzsche quotes from “Nietzsche Academy”)

Evolutionary theory alone is not enough but...

Sociobiology and evolutionary theory are very useful in helping to define beauty, morality, religion, the arts, etc. but they do not see Godhood as the zenith of evolution, they reject teleology, which makes evolutionary theory incomplete.

It seems to me however that sociobiology and evolutionary theory could one day become like a new metaphysics, the mathematical biology and game-theory they use to define animal and human behavior could one day quantify Godhood, since Godhood is a supreme living object with extension, duration and number. 

But of course definition, even supreme definition, only defines Godhood, which is not enough.  Our purpose, the purpose of life, is to become Godhood through supreme evolution.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Shaping birthrates and genetics

I believe we need to improve the intelligence and character of our leaders in all fields, but the average person also needs to rise in intelligence and character. Raymond Cattell courageously wrote about shaping birthrates and improving intelligence and character in leaders, but also shaping traits toward fitting the occupational and cultural needs of a given society.

Shaping against negative genetic traits should already be taking place to rid ourselves of the terrible suffering of the worst diseases. We still intervene socio-medically in saving negative traits that cause great suffering, which means we no longer have the often harsh natural selection of birth rates that we had in Paleolithic times.

Those who have trans-valued the humanness of shaping genetics into being defined as evil are almost criminal in what they have done. It is our ethical duty to recognize future generations. Many of those who object to genetic shaping in society take full advantage of genetic science in their own lives, marriages and groups.

"Assortative mating,” where people tend to choose people like themselves, for example, with similar I.Q.'S, whether high or low, needs to have full freedom, and this can apply to similar people within regions and small states as well---this is the most natural thing in nature. There are always exceptional individuals who rise out of exceptional conditions which must be acknowledged, but it is time to pay attention to statistics and biology in improving social and genetic fitness. China was thinking statistically about starvation with its one-child policy.

As readers know I consider this is a religious mission since we need to evolve all the way to Godhood in the cosmos.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tragic and non-tragic cultures

Thinking in Nietzschian terms about one element defining tragic cultures, where the highest ideals will not always be gained by sacrificing heroes, the Evolutionary Christian Church is a tragic religion in having the worldview of evolving all the way to Godhood in the cosmos.

This is not the case with most modern religions which have become more Socratic than tragic, even if they didn't start out that way. Islam and Judaism seem to be more tragic, at least in their more extreme forms, in fighting against odds for dominance in the world.

Modern politics seems Socratic or commercial and not tragic in spirit. The modern military is usually under the control of commercial interests where it loses much of its old tragic ethos.

Tragic cultures can more readily poeticize their mythological images, which can lead to much greater art than Socratic or commercial cultures.

Is the antithesis of tragic cultures barbarism as early Nietzsche thought? It does seem that a trans-valuation has taken place where Socratic and commercial cultures are now considered higher than tragic cultures.

Perhaps it would be more politically correct to speak of “adventurous cultures” rather than tragic culture, as Raymond Cattell did, but I like the more poetic old term.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Toward the central unifying mandala

The task and mission is to awaken humanity to the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood that activates material and supermaterial life, which is then shaped by evolution. This is the unifying task of religion, philosophy, psychology and politics.

The sacred mission of life is to evolve to Godhood in the cosmos, and such things as individual psychology, the limits of knowing, liberty and the God Within, are secondary goals within the sacred goal of evolving to Godhood.

This unification with the Spirit-Will completes the real mandala of full human-to-divine harmony. This is not awakening a volcano, as Carl Jung came to fear, this is civilizing the beast. The symbol is more like the ancient spiral of evolution, or the cross X symbolizing the evolutionary connection between man and Godhood.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Long-term compassion in statistics and biology

Statistical and biological judgments are often thought of as cold, but there is such a thing as long-term and short-term compassion, and statistics and biology can certainly show long-term compassion.

For example, about one out of one hundred new genetic mutations are accepted, the rest are rejected, but evolution is very slow and cruel and creates much misery in rejecting negative mutations. A few brave social psychologists have suggested that this misery can be alleviated to a certain extent by recognizing early genetic problems before the birth of the infant, who will suffer greatly, along with the family and society, and the birth can be compassionately aborted.

Who or what is blocking this long-term compassion? Usually completely selfish special interest groups, or blindly dogmatic religious groups who actually want to increase their number, at least unconsciously, but cannot see the suffering they are causing in the process, which in the end often does not increase their numbers and lowers their own quality.

Surely we can progress to this level of compassion, before we move on to the next level of actively seeking positive genetic mutations. The sacred mission of all groups is to evolve to Godhood and we need to have real long-term compassion if we are to evolve.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

What is the temperament for finding the truth about the decline of the West?

Can we see root causes more than merely the symptoms, can we see what we may not want to see? What is the temperament for finding the truth?

Seeking the truth involves more than intelligence and diligent scholarship, there is an element of self-abasement in finding the truth, which can be related to different temperaments of people. One often has to accept things that do not conform to ones previous opinions, and this is where the self-abasement comes in, which was probably evolved to allow people to have reverence and admiration for things that help societies work, groups over individuals.  And courage to see the truth is involved here too.

Social psychologists have even found that different religions, or different interpretations of religions, seem to relate at least somewhat to the temperaments and the unique environments and territories of a people. For example, the resignation of Buddhism, and the guilt or humility of Christianity, or Protestantism in Northern Europe and Catholicism in Southern Europe, with the different temperaments of these places and people.

I believe the root cause of the decline of the West is not so much that we have turned away from traditional religion, not that we have embraced such things as usury, not that we have rejected the leadership of the Pope, and so on, these are only symptoms of the tragic mistake the great religions made in trying to block material evolution to Godhood. By essentially recognizing only the God Within, or the Father Within, a Great Spiritual Blockade was put up against natural, healthy, and sacred evolution to real Godhood in the cosmos.

But the answer is not atheism, the answer is not to reject religion, the answer is no the "God is dead" of Nietzsche. The God Within, the Father Within has been experienced. The problem is that the Father Within is only a mirror image of real Godhood which is reached through material and super-material evolution. The Father Within can help us understand the Godhood we are evolving to. We do not need to fight against the very zenith of our instincts which seeks to activate material life to evolve to Godhood.

History has shown that human change is best made conservatively, the new needs to be included with the old, evolution not revolution has the most long-term success.

Time will tell if we can see the root causes more than merely the symptoms of our decline. All life depends on the outcome.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The assent to objects over propositions in theological materialism

The philosopher is concerned with truth, the religious mystic is concerned with experiencing enlightenment, the evolutionary religion I affirm is first concerned with the actual object of material evolution and secondarily concerned with truth and enlightenment. This is the object-first evolutionary reality I work with.

The object is defined only later as truth, object-less truth is secondary. Godhood is a supermaterial living object, or objects, not merely a symbol, definition or proposition, and not merely an experience. This theological materialism brings philosophy and religion down to earth, yet it moves beyond the terrain of the earth out into the cosmos as we evolve.

The ironic thing is this perspective is arrived at by fiercely seeking the "truth" from all sources, including intellectual intuition, and truth from the heart. This means the way of life and the way of evolution become as important as truth seeking. To change a Walter Kaufmann phrase, this is an assent of objects over propositions.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Merit, virtue and the direction of culture

Quentin P. Taylor suggests that both Nietzsche and Burke thought that merit and virtue are the main standards for assessing individuals. But then the question becomes, how do you define merit and virtue? Nietzsche had a bit of a problem with evolution because he thought it lowered the value of man to merely define the “fit,” etc. But how does one define what is fit? Nietzsche thought high culture should be beyond the stress and strife of daily life, but sociobiology has taught us that everything is related to evolution, including high culture.

I think the highest goal of humanity is our evolution to Godhood, and merit, virtue, and culture, low or high, are defined from this perspective. When Godhood is defined as the highest evolved truth, intelligence, beauty, merit and virtue, then culture and individuals are assessed from this perspective.

High and low culture are means to the end of the perpetual evolution of man, and there can be different means of facilitating this end. Nietzsche's “aristocratic radicalism,” was one way, Burke's “conservatism” was another. We need to use the state, not be enslaved by the state, as someone said. I tend to prefer Burke's conservatism merged with the evolution of life to Godhood. This is religiously synthesized in the Twofold Path.  Religion is the long-term method I prefer, whatever the state.

It is the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood that is behind all culture, activating material life, which is then shaped by evolution, and high culture would affirm this foundational worldview. Education would not be deadened by trying to make productive money-making citizens only, or merely stopped dead at examining and dissecting the world as science does. High culture adds to nature with living evolution moving toward Godhood. The arts poetize these images.  I know of no better way for mankind to live.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Healing the Various Groups

In social and political matters I tend to think in terms of the Spirit-Will---usually an unconscious thing---that activates material life, which is then shaped by outside evolution, more than I think in terms of individual differences in people and groups. However, material life has been mapped for years by science, and the evolutionary science of sociobiology has taught us that men evolved through group-selection which largely created the ethics within groups. This means that group-selection must be included in social and political matters and must be harmonized with the activating Spirit-Will through science and religion.

This also means it is healthy to reaffirm groups and group-selection. It is time to get past the fear of “stirring up” group concerns. The response to the disasters of World War Two was to chop off all group-bonding and center only on the individual, which is what individual therapeutic psychology and philosophy did, and this actually hurt group ethics.

Helping the world does not mean withdrawing from the world, as in Gnostic concerns only with attaining the Father Within. The Godhood first seen inwardly is reached by the Outward Path of evolution. Recent talk of secession from the federation is also not the answer because it is federalism (like subsidiarity) which protects the freedom of individual groups and states. We need to center on the freedom of groups and small states, affirming cooperative competition. Then we can all get on with the sacred mission of evolving out into the cosmos toward Godhood.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Why our lingering decadence requires federalism now more than ever

It may still be politically incorrect to say it yet it remains true that homogeneity has always been what holds a nation together and we no longer have it, so we will need to count on the federalism of our Constitution to keep the peace in the future.

We chose cheap labor and feel-good liberal sentiments, or totally unreal notions of us all just getting along, for our immigration policy, if you can call it a policy, with no thought of how the various people will live together and effect our society. Immigration has increased our population legally and illegally far more than the birth rate of the natives.

We had no concern with the long-term cultural effects of immigration and no concern at all with the genetic effects. Our immigration policy was both suicidal and criminal. I do not think we can stop the lingering decadence of our nation now without reaffirming federalism and the separation and variety of our states and regions.

At least we have a way to deal with our coming problems, if we will apply it.

Friday, November 09, 2012

American Exceptionalism but...

The neoconservatives have co-opted the term “American Exceptionalism” from the paleoconservatives who had the better claim to the term, and expanded the term to include gross interference in world affairs, but disguised as building “democracy” in the world. And the unique exceptionalism and freedom in America for all people to rise through merit has been increasingly blocked by special interest corporations and race-based lobbies, which include the neoconservatives.

The great innovation of American exceptionalism, different from Europe, allowed the individual to rise by merit rather than by hereditary status, class distinction, or membership in a powerful lobby group, who tend to rig the system against the middle and lower classes. American liberty and freedom through merit originally gave more people a higher standard of prosperity than any other people in human history.

Snobbish intellectuals and liberals have always mocked the commercial habits of America but this system brought more people out of poverty than the wildest dreams of the Marxists who demanded income equality for all. America was founded on real objects, real human nature, real life, not merely on definitions and ideas, not merely abstractions and utopias.

The neoconservatives made the grave error of promoting the abstract idea that American exceptionalism is based on an idea alone, a pledge of alliance of freedom alone, which led to opening the borders of our nation to all immigrants from everywhere. The paleoconservatives knew better that a nation has always been made up of people who speak the same language, have similar manners and customs---without these things an idea alone cannot hold a nation together for long.

The neoconservative notion of citizenship has led to America becoming a diverse nation of people who do not bond well together. It is indeed fortunate that our Founding Fathers gave us a political system with the main power granted to individual states and regions, protected by a light federalism, which allows us to have natural variety and differences, hopefully without civil war....That is American Exceptionalism.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The tragic mistake of the “big tent” solution

People make cultures, cultures don't make people, although they can influence and even destroy people. As John Jay said in the Federalist No. 2, cultures are formed by a people descended from the same ancestors, very similar in manners and customs, and so on. This is no longer the case in America. We have become an increasingly diverse people.

We need to be embracing our differences in separate regions and states. As Pat Buchanan put it, “our people are going to need the freedom to live apart according to their irreconcilable beliefs.”  The legitimate job of the federal government is to protect the freedom of the states and regions, and not to try to force different people into one big tent, which seems to be the Republican solution to losing the presidential election of 2012. 

Whoever is responsible for insisting that we are all the same was simply wrong about real human nature. The tragic consequences of trying to force us to be the same will lead to civil war---this has already been happening in our urban centers. The Tenth Amendment to our Constitution was wisely added to underline the independence of the states, so no revolutionary change and no big tent solution is necessary.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Historical continuity

Some have wondered, does the Evolutionary Christian Church have sufficient continuity with historical Christianity to be called Christian? I believe so.

The Twofold Path affirms the Involutionary Inward Path to the Father Within, the virtual God of Christianity (also sought and found in other religions), while including the Evolutionary Outward Path as the natural evolutionary path to attain real Godhood, which was first seen inwardly.

Aside from its central mission of affirming our evolution to Godhood, the ECC is a kind of reform Christianity, a way to save Christianity, and religion in general, as humanity moves into the future.

The ECC applies religion to science and other fields, which can carry us out into the cosmos as we evolve, while keeping our feet on the historical ground of Christianity.  No great civilization arose without being founded in religion, and this will apply to future civilization as well.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Bio-social psychology is needed

It is not enough to turn ones back on mass man and concentrate only on the individual, on making the individual harmonious with his inner archetypes, as modern psychology tends to do, and which the great religions also tended to do. And concentrating only on universal man is also not enough. We need to figure out how to have groups or races and small states competing cooperatively along with their differences and their diversity, that is the therapy we now need.

I don't see anything wrong with instinctive feelings about ones group, ones race, unless it is inflated out of proportion into one-race supremacy or imperialism, which are impossible in any case over the long term. Group behavior is basic, group-selection is what primarily created ethics within groups. The individual is not overlooked but is part of the group. It is bio-social psychology that is needed. This is what we should be working on, rather than only individual psychology or a raceless world.

We need to be in sync with nature and human nature by living in virtually independent regions, with small states, or ethnostates, and with a light federalism protecting cooperative competition between them. Evolutionary religion can absorb the forces of individual and social psychology and be a resistance to not only totalitarianism but to the devolution of humanity.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Thoughts on a trans-valuation of the Vedic kosmogonia

It is maya that is a mirror of the universe, it is the world that is real, the God seen inwardly is unreal, but the inward God is experienced as real bliss when all the desires are gotten rid of by ascetics. The mirror inward God can help us understand what real Godhood is when evolved to in the material-supermaterial world. The inward God dissolves into the outward God. The evolution of life is individualized when Godhood is attained, whereas the mirror inward God dissolves individuality. God is not one, there are many Gods in Godhood. The Gods do not seem to govern the world, the activating Spirit-Will-To-Godhood within the Primal Material working in conjunction with natural evolution govern the worlds.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

What is serious art and literature?

By “serious literature” Russell Kirk meant writing that inspires the moral imagination.

With me all writing inspires the moral imagination, since I think in those terms anyway, much writing and art can be defined as immoral this way.

I would rather say serious or high art and literature affirms morality or the sacred in imaginative ways. That is, great art is an imaginative affirmation of the sacred.

Genetic selection to avoid suffering

Genetic selection was announced as a helpful solution to human suffering by Darwin and others, just before Hitler destroyed the whole idea and made it synonymous with inhumanity. This was very unfortunate for a most humane project.

Cattell said that human history seems to alternate between the extremes of sentimental indulgence and ruthless cruelty, rather that to be foresighted enough to consider genetic selection to avoid the great suffering from starvation and diseases, as well as improvements.

Are we afraid to face the truth about human nature or is it simple that deception rules? Either way we pay for the lies we live by.

Democratic societies can decide where they want to go genetically, as they already do with education. But I say that future evolution is the concern of religion, no matter what political system rules. Politics and culture do influence religion and vice versa, so political concerns are important, but I wouldn't hitch religion to any time and place, religion belongs to both the far past and the distant future, all the way to the evolution of life to Godhood.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Rising From America's Decline

Much of our fall was do to our ignorance about the causes of the fall of nations, some of it was do the outright selfishness of individuals, and some was do to the deliberate destruction of our nation from within and without. We can't return to what we had, but we can actually come out of it the better for our fall.

Pat Buchanan recently quoted John Jay from the Federalist No. 2 who said that America is “a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs...” A nation rises with these connections, and falls without them.

But we do still have written in our Constitution the principles of government which affirm separate and largely independent states, with a light, protecting, federal government. That is what we must now affirm and follow if America is to continue as a nation. As Buchanan succinctly put it, “our peoples are going to need the freedom to live differently and the space to live apart, according to their irreconcilable beliefs.” That is the reality of our present condition.

This can actually be good from the perspective of real human nature and evolution. Human nature works best when group-selection and group-bonding are permitted to set the ethics according to the needs of the group, and small states, or ethnostates, are ideal for this sort of bonding of our now diverse people. Variety is best for new innovations and for evolution to take place. And a light federalism and subsidiarity can assure cooperative competition and ordered evolution. We can also have traditional “economic nationalism” protecting our manufacturing and our innovations, while trading with the world.

This is a healthy social configuration for moving into the future. We are lucky that our forefathers bequeathed it to us. Now we must see that we have it.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Not your normal traditional philosophy and metaphysics

Are we anti-philosophical and anti-metaphysical because we center on material life evolving to supermaterial Godhood? No, but we are not your normal philosophy and metaphysics.

We consider ourselves in the realm of scientific naturalism, but it is the “theological” in the term “theological materialism” which defines our philosophy that bothers the scientists. And the great religions tend to consider science a frivolity because it is not attending to the salvation of man.

Another “metaphysical” element in our philosophy is the Spirit-Will, or the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood that activates material life, which is then shaped by evolution. But the Spirit Will is an activating part of life and still needs to be defined by science.

Also unlike science we affirm the God discovered and experienced by the great religions, however we define this as the God Within or the Father Within seen only inwardly. We then connect the inward God, attained through ridding the body and mind of all desires, to outward Godhood attained by material-supermaterial evolution. This is the Twofold Path.

The great religions can actually become obstacles to attaining Godhood with their Great Spiritual Blockade against evolving materially-supermaterially to Godhood. The Inward God needs to be seen and defined as only a mirror, a virtual glimpse, however blissful, of the real Godhood reached at the zenith of evolution.

The philosophers tend to be concerned with truth, Godhood is both truth and a real supermaterial object, and the supreme object Godhood is vastly more important than the definition, math equation or gnostic symbol of Godhood.