Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Various modern adjustments to the demolition of religion

Raymond Cattell listed four modern adjustments to the demolition of religion as : 1. the retreat into the comfort of the old religious dogmas—and here I would place what I call the neotraditionalism of Guenon, Evola and Dugin, 2. existentialism, enduring what is—a cousin of this is the logical skepticism of the humanistic liberals who retain some hobbled versions of old religious compassion, 3. the great denial of the oriental religions which block all worldly desires, 4. Cattell's noble “Beyondism,” a reconstruction of values relating to endless, goalless evolution, not unlike Nietzsche's solution, but adjusting society to religion with science.

The Theoevolutionary Churchis also an adjustment to the demolition of religion, with a Revitalized Conservatism, leading to Ordered Evolution all the way to the outward goal of Godhood, a Godhood first glimpsed as the Father Within of the inward traditional religions---then voluntarily harmonizing a world of thousands of evolving small states or ethnostates with the sacred sociobiological ethos of religion.

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