Sunday, August 30, 2009

Balancing Past and Future

Religion and Tradition have been increasingly decaying, and science has not filled the great gap. People feel that a time of big change is approaching. Even the bread and circuses of the consumer world have not filled the gap. People are anxious and worried about the future, how will the future go?

Two responses to times of great change and trouble were suggested by Arnold Toynbee (EnlightenNext June/Aug 2009): we become either “archaists” or “futurists.” Today I would point to Evolian Traditionalists on the archaist side, and people like Ray Kurzweil on the futurist “Singularity” side, as examples of one-sided responses to great change, with both virtually rejecting the other side.

The Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) applies both sides, with the return to Traditions of the Involutionary Inward Path, and the Beyondism of the Evolutionary Outward Path. ECC affirms Revitalized Conservatism and Ordered Evolution, which balances the past and future in a masterplan of evolution and tradition. The future need not be feared if we can balance the past and future this way.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Equality, Inequality and Ordered Evolution

All men are judged “equal” only in the sense that no matter what one's position or status is, we will be judged by our compliance with the Spirit Within or the Will to Godhood.

Envy is still a vice in the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) and demanding equality of condition is not only an envious vice, it is a fall from grace, a devolutionary and profane direction of behavior.

But socially, “equal justice under law” applies to the high and the low, which helps keep the peace, and this is an old Western position we can affirm.

Envious egalitarianism is dangerous and often used by political leaders to pull down the successful and get votes from the unsuccessful.

The central virtue of the Evolutionary Outward Path, which is evolution, should strengthen the cause for defining justice not as equality of all, but defining inequality as Aristotle did when he said that it is unjust to treat unequal things equally.

The Christian virtues of the Involutionary Inward Path still apply, that is, faith, hope and charity (plus the classical virtues of courage, justice, prudence and temperance) which give much grace to the evolutionary virtues of the Outward Path.

What we want is the balance of Ordered Evolution, where the Inward Virtues mainly deal with Order and the Outward Virtues mainly deal with Evolution.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Individual and Group Selection

Western individualism increased during the Enlightenment in the 1600's and from here the modern world seems to have progressed away from the traditional world, and then democracy and technology were affirmed over Tradition. But this individualism in the West became unbalanced with super-individualism leading to the present decay of Western Capitalism.

We agree with the branch of Sociobiology which says that the most vital selection takes place at the group level. What is best seems to be the balance between individual and group selection leaning toward the group, defined in Revitalized Conservatism, and reflected in Cattell's Beyondism.

Instincts to Survive and Evolve

The instinct to survive and the instinct to evolve are related. We survive so that we may evolve. There is a false separation set up between evolution and survival in the mystical traditions because the mystical traditions tend to limit evolution to the evolution of consciousness.

Survival is not on a lower level of the ladder of development, it is the prime ground of evolution. Only when we are virtually drunk in the consciousness of the Soul Within could we see survival as a lower level of development.

This is why both the Inward and Outward Paths of Evolution are included in the evolution to Godhood. The Traditional Inward Path alone is human all too human, the Outward Path leads beyond the human to Godhood.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thoughts On Natural Law and the Outward Path

The Theoeolutionary Church (TC) affirms “natural law” but we will add evolution to the dynamic of natural law. And we have affirmed such sciences as sociobiology as a source for understanding natural law. We think to ban the growing scientific laws of nature from definitions of natural law is biased.

We are only human and we cannot read the eternal laws of nature perfectly, however, evolution moves on and our knowledge of the laws of nature have increased with the advent of the science of evolution. The largely unwritten rules of natural law can be considered to be included in the laws of the land.

According to Classical and Catholic Church interpretations, natural law is rooted in the wisdom of the species, however, we have learned much more of the natural law and the species since the days of St. Thomas Aquinas. To deny this is to put one's head in the sand.

We continue to conceive of a natural law that sees justice as ultimately proceeding from the nature of the Kosmos, and originally proceeding from the activation of Godhood and the Holy Spirit within nature. We agree that man can more or less understand these laws through reason, intuition and revelation. But science, apparently with or without revelation, has taught us much, and TC will include knowledge from science in defining the natural laws.

In the Evolutionary Outward Path, natural law would be related to the apprehension of justice rooted in the wisdom of evolution. The origin of natural law and morals seems to arise at the point where values and evolution coincide, but again, understanding these laws and applying them require that old virtue of prudence because we are still limited to human consciousness.

Natural law can be perceived now by more than poetry and imagination, although traditionalists would probably not agree. Science has moved far beyond the standard views of science held by the traditionalists. To change a phrase of Raymond English, natural law is the poetry of evolution, but science can also interpret evolution. Natural law or evolutionary law remains a higher law than the laws of men. Natural law, or the will to Godhood, or the law of the Spirit, is the law of evolution.

Did mystics understand the real nature of men and nature? What they seem to have understood is the nature of the Involutionary Inward Path leading to the Soul and Spirit within man.

Could evolution as natural law be written, at least to some extent, into the laws and definitions of justice in the state? At this time the Church will continue to define natural law, and the state will continue to define constitutional law, in a separation of church and state. One day the natural laws of evolution may be written more in the laws of the state, but meanwhile, the Theoeolutionary Church and the Order of the Outward Path, will affirm the natural laws of evolution while working with either a separation or non separation of church and state. As we pursue the natural laws of evolution to God, we obey the laws of the land.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Differences From New Age Involution

The New Age and the Wilberian perspective calls for change in the “memetic” and “psychic” aspects of the human population, which places the New Age in the Involutionary Inward Path of Traditional Religion. The new human species they call for, e.g. “Homo noeticus” (EnlightenNext—2008) physically resembles Homo Sapiens, but has a “marked increase in consciousness.” This is defined as “evolution” when it is really involution to the Soul or Spirit Within.

The Evolutionary Christian Church calls for more than the “conscious” evolution (for the New Age really involution) which defines the ancient Inward Path. We seek to combine the Inward Path of involution with the Outward Path of Evolution. The coming species will evolve far beyond the human species and far beyond even the highest human consciousness.

God-consciousness is not human consciousness. Reaching the Spirit Within through religious disciplines should not be mistaken for Godhood, especially since this error has created a Great Spiritual Blockade against the evolution to Godhood.

Rehabilitation Not Revolution

Russell Kirk said “restoration and rehabilitation almost always are preferable to grand reconstitution—even when expensive, which repair rarely is.” (The Architecture of Servitude and Boredom)

Kirk was speaking of urban architecture here yet this concept describes another reason why the Revitalized Conservatism of the Evolutionary Christian Church, that is, the synthesis of Traditional Involutionary Religion with Evolutionary Biospirituality and the Evolutionary Outward Path, is wiser and more practical than a revolutionary new worldview or religion.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cultural And Genetic Conservatism—Toward Revitalized Conservatism

Conservatives worry about how the culture so painfully cultivated over centuries is neglected or treated with contempt. But what of our genetic heritage which was also even more painfully acquired over many more centuries? This, too, is neglected, or only referred to indirectly by conservatives.

In the Revitalized-Conservatism of the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) the Evolutionary Outward Path and the Involutionary Inward Path pay attention to both the cultural and genetic heritage, and not for one people but for all people, all races, cultures, and religions. Imperialism in any of these categories damages the very cultural and genetic heritage and variety we wish to conserve.

Since we evolve materially and spiritually to Godhood, it is not enough to preserve the cultural heritage, it is necessary to preserve the genetic heritage. The Inward Path preserves the cultural and religious heritage, the Outward Path preserves the genetic heritage, although these Two Paths overlap and interrelate in ECC.

Reason In Soul and In Spirit

"The metaphysicians reason by analogy, symbolism, not by a system or as a systematist. (A. Coomaraswamy)."

Here perhaps we can define the difference between the “reason” of the Soul and the so-called “reason” of the Spirit. The Soul reasons systematically being the Zenith of the Mind, the Spirit “reasons” by analogy and symbols, being the Zenith of the Soul.

The Involutionary Inward Path, while using high reason and metaphysics only, runs the danger of blocking ourselves in the world of high reason only, creating a Great Spiritual Blockade which can kill the biospiritual Evolutionary Outward Path of material evolution to Godhood. The Inward and Outward Path must be balanced.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Realistic Future Systems

All the old systems were based on competition, yet most Futurists today see a future world which is not based on competition but love based, altruistically interdependent, and so on.

This social perspective overlooks the ground of evolution, human nature, and human behavior. The realistic system would try to direct competition, not to rid ourselves of it.

Politically pursuing only love and interdependence can inadvertently damage variety and competition (remember communism?) and this would have to be more or less imposed, since it largely goes against human nature which always protects and prefers family, ethnic group and location.

We need to think in terms of small, federated ethnostates across the globe which allow natural human competition, variety and evolution, organized and managed with light federal controls.

In the long term we must evolve to Godhood which is the central motivation of the Kosmos, and evolution requires that we hold on to positive mutations through conservative values even as we advance, change and evolve. Small states not only best allow evolution but adhere to human nature and to nature in general, making this system more realistic in the long term.

Seeking and Evolving to the Good, True and Beautiful

It is said that religion and art were born at the same time, seeking the good, the true and the beautiful (Elizabeth Debold). The Spirit Within, or the Will to Godhood, was the beginning of all of these things with the same goal of seeking the good, the true and the beautiful, but also activating biology to evolve to Absolute Good, Absolute Truth and Absolute Beauty, which is Godhood.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Contra Thomas Barnett's Grand Strategy

The problem with Thomas Barnett's “Grand Strategy” is that it ignores too much of human nature.

The “international liberal trade order” was not “created” by President Roosevelt. It was implemented by Roosevelt mainly for bankers and very fat cats who really did not have “world peace and justice” in mind but had individual power and wealth in mind. America's neoconservative “New World Order” grew out of this mentality.

China is not really “integrating” into the Western New World Order, it is seeking dominance over the West. China wants to rule the world order, and usurp the West. China wants to make docile workers out of Americans as it did Chinese workers.

Globalization is happening (or was happening), because Western financial powers wanted it to happen, not because the world wants to be like middle class Americans.

America's model of getting the world “marketized,” having all the women in the labor force, etc., is in fact destroying ethnic and cultural identities around the world. The view that a “synthetic identity” of “global people,” which uses the argument that Americans successfully integrated in this way, is simply wrong. America has not really integrated, and the differences, culturally and racially, within America, will only grow, leading to future disharmony or even civil war. Why? Because human nature in its most core behavior is very much oriented toward family, ethnic group, and localism, as Sociobiology has been affirming, and as conservatives have said all along.

The fact that we may be in a “post-Caucasian” world soon, and that this will lead to a “power sharing agreement” between, for example, European-Americans and non-Caucasians, is just plain utopian. Nations and cultures are developed based on the traits and habits of the founders of the nations, and when the founders change, the nation and culture changes. The post-Caucasian world may not want to affirm the international trade order and it may not even be bio-culturally oriented to do so. If anything, overt or covert civil war seems more likely.

What we require and what we think the world requires, is an affirmation, or reaffirmation, of real human nature, acknowledging that human beings are bio-culturally oriented toward family, ethnic group, and locality, and, yes, humans are religiously driven. When human nature is suppressed rather than bonded and affirmed, all hell breaks loose.

America and the world needs to be rid of the various versions of imperialism, whether financial, religious or racial. A United States of truly independent states, and a Europe and Asia of thousands of independent states, lightly federated, and concerned with true human nature, and future evolution, is the future that we require, and the future that will inevitably develop, since it affirms true human nature in accord with evolution and the natural world.

Friday, August 21, 2009

On The Contempt Of The Flesh

It is really not much better to adapt the gnostic contempt for the flesh and contempt for marriage and then suggest that marriage is merely a symbol of the great union between finite beings and God, as many Traditions affirm. This creates the Great Spiritual Blockade against evolving to Godhood. In the Evolutionary Christian Church this ascetic blocking of the flesh defines only the Involutionary Inward Path to the God or Soul Within. Reaching True Godhood requires the Evolutionary Outward Path of evolution.

The Evolutionary Outward Path Is Not of the Prince of Darkness

Kabbalists and Gnostic oriented religions (Traditionalists) may want to denigrate the Evolutionary Outward Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC), the path of the evolution of material life to spiritual life and Godhood, as the path of the “Prince of Darkness,” since they tend to find “matter” and the “body” as part of the gradual “weakening” of Divine Light. But this denigration must be understood as part of the Great Spiritual Blockade against attaining Godhood through evolution.

The name of our blog “Civilizing The Beast” more or less indicates our mission to raise the real world through evolution to Godhood. We do not affirm this mission as satanic, on the contrary, it is a most Godly mission. The mission of an angel like Gabriel (or, if you will, Odin, Hermond, Prometheus, Thoth, or Hermes) in ECC seems to have another prophetic mission, not to raise the Soul alone to the God Within, which is the task of our Involutionary Inward Path, but to raise humanity up through the activation of the Spirit, up from the “True Fall” of material evolution, all the way to the Real Godhood through the Evolutionary Outward Path.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harmonizing With the State

Ideally, perhaps, there would be one doctrine of “One Sword” including both faith and justice, not the traditional “Two Swords.” But divisions of duties naturally evolve and historically, at least in Indo-European history and prehistory, three classes usually developed, e.g. priests, warriors, and providers under the leadership of either priests or warriors.

Traditionally in the West the Church is concerned with inner order and the state with outer order. In the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) these positions define the Involutionary Inward Path and Evolutionary Outward Path. But does this necessitate no separation between church and state? In EC it may or may not indicate separation.

ECC can work with virtually any state system. For example, in the U.S., the Constitution, understood Traditionally, sets up a very workable system which can harmonize well with evolutionary development. States can become virtual ethnostates with great independence and variety within a light Federal system. But EC can work with monarchies, theocracies and so on. We follow the laws of the land.

Combining Divine and Humanitarian Goals

Can mankind become “perfect” without Divine aid? The Church says “no” but secular Humanitarianism usually says “yes.” The Spirit Within provides the Divine aid activating life to evolve to Godhood, but mankind works within the structures of natural evolution, and here humanitarianism can be applied more readily than the traditionalists have believed. Evolutionary science (e.g. Beyondism) can provide great aid in attaining the divine goal of evolution in the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC).

Definitions of the “natural law” must finally admit knowledge from evolution, sociobiology, and science, and thereby deepen its definitions. We have in fact learned more of natural law since classical times and the days of St. Thomas Aquinas. But, of course, we know that, as humans, we cannot fully read the eternal laws of nature and we therefore need to be prudent in doing so.

This is the way ECC can affirm and combine Divine and Humanitarian goals.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toward Understanding And Coordinating The Brain With Religious Transcendence

Physiologically Defining The Soul or Transcendent Function

In the 1980's, Virginia Ross brilliantly defined the “transcendent function” (Zygon, June 1986), which we define as the goal of the Involutionary Inward Path, that is, contacting the Soul. Ms Ross called this process “a function that integrates not only the cerebral hemispheres, but also involves pathways of the limbic system and brain stem...” A sense of union with the Divine (Nirvana) when simultaneously space and time are transcended. “...When both conscious and unconscious brains are in harmony and one glimpses and comprehends the universe. When all the polarities are conjuncted, the left and right brains are in perfect phase. The equilibration of the brain's hemispheres produces an aura of timelessness in relationship to the whole, the all, the absolute, and the eternal mind...” Ms Ross thought it highly probable that this transcendent function resides close to the junction of the supratemporal-limbic areas of the right brain, with the transcendent function ultimately controlled by the “centrencephalic-integrative” action of the upper brain stem.

This nicely defines the goal of the Involutionary Inward Path physiologically, which we describe as the closest possible contact with the Soul, which is the Zenith of the Conscious Mind.

Defining The Spirit Function

The Spirit is the Zenith of the Instincts and it seeks the Ideal of the Instincts, which is evolving to Godhood. Contacting, coordinating, and defining the Spirit Function is the task of the Evolutionary Outward Path. This physiologically involves among other things the instincts of the most ancient neural chassis of the brain that contains the neural machinery for reproduction and self preservation, which must be coordinated with the cortex and limbic systems of the brain.

Human Nature in this way is dominated by the activation of the ancient sacred Spirit, and we describe the Spirit as the Zenith of the Soul that must be coordinated with biospiritual and environmental drives, and coordinated with the insights of the Soul. Without this coordination our bodies will have hypothalamic regulation problems, since the hypothalamus seems to control or regulate the bodies activities, which can effect all social actions as well. In psychological terms, the conscious mind---which the Soul is the Zenith of---must learn to integrate the unconscious mind or Spirit, that is, the Involutionary Inward Path must be coordinated with the Evolutionary Outward Path.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not No-Thing But Supreme-Thing

It is not God (“No-Thing” according to the mystics) which the mystics see, but the Soul or more rarely the Spirit. The vision is a mind vision.

To arrive at the real Supreme-Thing, which is the inward mind destination of the “No-Thing” of the Soul, we must evolve materially through the higher dimensions of being, activated by the Spirit Within.

The Inward Soul is only the symbolic experience of the Godhood evolved to.

Design and Evolution

Species show they evolve by adapting to the environment, in this sense they were not “designed” all at once, and the DNA consists of million of defunct copies of DNA which show no apparent foresight in how they develop.

But what drives DNA? The environment adapts the species, but what supplies the internal activation? An internal activation would not literally be the designer of the species, natural selection would be. But “metaphysically” this activation is the designer of the species, because without activation there would be no adaptation.

The material Kosmos requires the same metamaterial activation and design to evolve and adapt, activated by the Spirit of God.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Comment on Goethe quote

“The Value of an Idea Is Proved by its Power to Organize the Subject Matter.”


But is not that another idea? The value of an idea is always less than the living object it describes.

Implicit/Explicit Kosmos

God creates the Kosmos with implicit potential. The Kosmos then can develop in a variety of explicit ways through evolution, pushed on by the implicit force of God, the Spirit. The Kosmos is not merely explicit evolution, as material science suggests, it is also this implicit activation. This is the essence of the Involutionary Inward Path (implicit) and the Evolutionary Outward Path(explicit) to Godhood.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Church and State

The Church has separated itself from secular concerns essentially because the material world is not really a concern of the Church, the spiritual world is---if the Church showed concern for the material world, it was only to try to make the material world conform to the needs of the spiritual world and not for material world actions in themselves. The Church claims “Christian Realism” against “sentimental humanitarianism” yet both can be sentimental and unreal.

Can the “two swords” of Church and State be joined? The sword of faith of the Church, which is of the Involutionary Inward Path, and the “sword of secular justice,” which is of the Evolutionary Outward Path can both be included in the Theoevolutionary Church (TC).

For example, if the justice of the state follows the justice of the Evolutionary Outward Path in seeking to secure evolution to Godhood through such so-called secular methods as lightly federated independent ethnostates, with men and states seeking independently to evolve to Godhood, then the state can be affirmed in TC.

This means that the Church and State can be considered one when the state affirms the values and moral laws of the Church; but if the state does not affirm the values and moral laws of the Church, then there is obviously a separation of church and state. TC can work with the state in either case.

Other examples: The Constitution of the United States calls for virtually independent states within a light federation, and TC affirms the Constitution as interpreted this way. We would therefore support a return to U.S. Constitutional Law. The New Right call for “Europe of a thousand states” in a light federation, and perhaps Neo-Eurasian Nationalism, could also be affirmed by TC.

Ours is a Revitalized Conservatism and in this sense not revolutionary. Ordered Evolution is our calling.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ultimate Purpose

Science tends to lead to cultural nihilism, religious iconoclasm, and psychotherapy tends to affirm a return to understand only the human instincts. When things of the Spirit are considered in this limiting way, what is left but pure goalless instinct and solipsism?

The instinct of sexuality has a purpose beyond the basic instinct to procreate. Sex and reproduction are ultimately derived from the call of Godhood to the Spirit to evolve to Godhood, the highest good, the most beautiful, the ultimate truth, which we have the great urge to evolve to. This is the ultimate purpose behind instincts and reproduction which science and psychology and, alas, even religion do not affirm.

The Laws of Spiritual Matter

Spiritual matter is subject to the laws of spiritual matter. This does not mean that spiritual matter is no longer subject to the laws of material matter, but subject to a far more subtle level of laws that science is still discovering and which mystics have been examining for many ages.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Evolution As Architect With Goal

One of the reasons the mystery schools emphasized that God's universe was in His Mind first, like an architect, before he created the world, is that they didn't see how evolution could create the world. God creates the Kosmos out of His Object Being through his Holy Spirit, whether God has thought of this first in His Mind or not.

Evolution has since been denied a goal by positivist science so that the world looks entirely random. Evolution creates the universe, but it has a goal, the goal is Godhood, and this goal works along with nature, giving nature some freedom in the path to the goal, as history does repeat itself, but not always in the same way. The Spirit Within life activates life to Godhood, working with the natural world and evolution.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We do not have to reject Nietzsche’s naturalism

We do not have to reject Nietzsche’s naturalism to see the Will to Power (Will to Godhood, or the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood) as attaining (or arising from) something “transcendent.” But to see this we must see the Spirit-Will deriving from and activating naturalism, from real life, and we must see the “transcendent” as not really transcendent but existing at the Zenith of Natural Evolution, as Godhood.

(This was a response to Gornahoor)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Spirit Confounded With God

When Traditional religion speaks of God, for example, “God is hidden within the innermost aspect of things.” (Kathopanishad 1.3.12), they are really speaking of the Spirit, or the Soul, and not of God.

This is the great error of Tradition, to confound the Spirit-Within of the Involutionary Inward Path with the God-Without of the Evolutionary Outward Path. The Spirit is the Seed of the Kosmic Summit and the Kosmic Center, the Activating Force, but the Spirit is not Godhood.

The Outward Path is not only ignored by these Traditions, a Great Spiritual Blockade is set up against God. The Evolutionary Christian Church seeks to rescue both Inward religion and Outward science and evolution from those that have limited them.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

On Vedanta

“I am God” (aham brahmasm), the Supreme Truth of Vedanta, is only half the truth.

The Supreme Consciousness at the center of our being, or the Self, also called Atman, is only just that, consciousness of the Spirit Within the Soul, the God within us, or at least consciousness of the Soul Within. But real “God Consciousness” exists only within God's Actual Body, just as our consciousness exists within our body.

The other half of the truth missing in Vedanta is that we evolve materially, biologically or biospiritually to the God we have so far only seen from within and have wrongly defined as “I am God.” This great arrogance needs to be amended. If we want to be God, or attain Godhood, we have a long, long way up in evolution to travel, certainly far beyond the human species.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

As the Tao

“Those who want to institute a process at variance with human nature cannot make it function as an ethical system.” (Chung-yung, 13.1)

Evola said that Plato defined “justice” along similar lines. (Republic 432 d, 434 c)

Nature flows or evolves and human nature which is part of nature should not flow or devolve in contrast to it. Evolution to Godhood is the Tao which human nature must harmoniously flow with.

Affirming the Presence Not Absence

When matter was called “the absence of all existence” by the Traditional Religions, a Great Spiritual Blockade against material evolution was set up, which religions are still biased by.

If we were playing tit for tat with this perspective we might say that the Soul was the absence of all existence, which modern science has tended to do. But this is not our position.

We seek to combine the Spirit-Will, the Soul and Matter, and religion and science, by synthesizing the Inward Path of spiritualism, and the Outward Path of materialism. We include and require both to attain Godhood. The Outward Path features “work” the Inward Path features “faith,” but both affirm both work and faith, they only emphasize them differently.

We affirm not the absence of the Soul, the Spirit-Will or the material, thus we affirm the presence of both the material and the Spirit-Will which activates the material in the Two Paths.

Friday, August 07, 2009

The Banks Own the Fed, and the Central Banks Own BIS

by Washington's Blog

“You know that the 12 Federal Reserve Banks are owned by private banksters.
And you've heard of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), which is the "Central Banks' Central Bank..." More here from Global Research

Entering the Greatest Depression in History

by Andrew Gavin Marshall

“While there is much talk of a recovery on the horizon, commentators are forgetting some crucial aspects of the financial crisis. The crisis is not simply composed of one bubble, the housing real estate bubble, which has already burst. The crisis has many bubbles, all of which dwarf the housing bubble burst of 2008. Indicators show that the next possible burst is the commercial real estate bubble. However, the main event on the horizon is the “bailout bubble” and the general world debt bubble, which will plunge the world into a Great Depression the likes of which have never before been seen...”

Essay here from Global Research

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A hypertrophied Involutionary Inward Path

Here is a typical Involutionary Inward Path quote entirely missing the Evolutionary Outward Path, and thereby missing Godhood.

"Surrender is giving oneself up to the origin of one’s Being. In due course, we will know that our glory lies where we cease to exist."

—Sri Ramana Maharshi from World Wisdom

"...Cease to exist!" That can be seen a grotesque when material-supermaterial evolution is the path to Godhood.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The impassable problem with those who affirm the term “Evolutionary Enlightenment”

The central problem, the impassable problem, with those who affirm and fit the term Evolutionary Enlightenment ( eg. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, Henri Bergson, Alfred North Whitehead, the German Idealist philosophers, and more recently Andrew Cohen, and Ken Wilber) is that they more or less carefully sidestep politically incorrect, material, human evolution to center on only the evolution of consciousness or spirituality. They believe man has been developing a divine consciousness and that “we must continue this process of development so that we can reach our greatest potential as human beings...” (Savitri Era Learning Forum) It is very nearly ludicrous to think that human beings can attain Godhood; only evolution to superhumans and much later Gods can approach Godhood, Who must be evolved to in the Kosmos.

This represents what we call the The Great Spiritual Blockade against material evolution, and it is very serious mistake indeed since the only way we can reach the Godhood that these people have at least seen inwardly, and defined as nonmaterial, is through material evolution. Godhood may consist of a substance we cannot classify, thus God is wrongly defined as beyond all substance, and 'spiritual," but it is a substance reached or attained through material evolution to the Zenith of Evolution.

The Evolutionary Outward Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church seeks to balance this great and ancient imbalance by including the Involutionary Inward Path of Traditional religion in the Outward Path of evolution to Godhood.

The Pattern of the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic in Man and God

Is the seed of man all of man? No. It is the microcosmic aspect of man. So, the God Within, the Spirit Within the Soul of man is not the whole of God. The seed of man leads to man, the seed of the Kosmic Summit leads to God. We mature from seed to child to man, we evolve from plant to animal, to man, to superman, to Gods, to Godhood. This is the pattern of evolution we see.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Night and Day, The Basic Duality

The real “duality” in human behavior is day and night—--the nighttime Dionysus needs to be harmonized with the daytime Apollo—--we need a shift-change-briefing where the irrationality of the night is synthesized into the rational day.

The wild and dark insights of the night, of the dreamworld, and the sleepless world, are very creative but need to be harmonized with Apollo in the morning.

The Inward Path is the dark, the Dionysian Path, the Soul, the Kosmic Center, with the absence of the Spirit of the Apollonian day. The Outward Path is the light, the Apollonian Path, the Spirit as the Kosmic Summit, the White Mountain beyond the sun, Godhood, beyond the Kosmic Center. This is why the light leads the dark, as the Spirit leads the Soul.

Even though the Inward Path affirms the Revealed Religions of Tradition, the Inward Path includes this Dionysian definition mainly because of the Inward Path's virtual rejection of material life, which is highly irrational, and irrationality is the basis of Dionysus. Also the Soul of the Inward Path exists in the human unconscious psyche which, at least in Western psychology, is the home of Dionysus. Apollo is assigned to the Spirit which is the Zenith of the Soul because it has the material, rational and even scientific goal of material evolution to Godhood. Yet Dionysus and Apollo are harmonized in EC.

The Soul is the sun, the Spirit is the Kosmic Summit far beyond the sun, the exclusive Inward Path believes it sees the sun when it is seeing the reflecting moon. The Outward Path seeks the star or the Kosmic Summit of Godhood.

Harmonizing Evolutionary Humanitarianism and Traditional Conservatism

Russell Kirk said humanitarianism is the ideology which denies the divine and declares the omnicompetence of human planners. (Redeeming The Time)

The Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) does not deny the divine, yet has great faith in human planners. We harmonize Traditional Conservatism with an evolutionary humanitarianism.

Our Mission

Imperialistic people, religions and states wish to destroy everything other than their own imperialism, in trying to establish themselves they destroy the order of the whole world, but then, as Kirk points out, they forget to ask what happens afterward.

We must move forward in evolution while conserving Perennial Traditions. This means we are against imperialism but for evolutionary progress. This is the Revitalized Conservatism we affirm.

Our mission is to reconcile conservative order with progressive evolution (Ordered Evolution) as we evolve to Godhood.

We speak of peace in the world by encouraging evolutionary variety, independent states, localism, with a very light federalism, we do not speak of peace through imperialism, not by creating a wilderness and calling it peace, as Tacitus said of the Romans. This is our model of justice in the world.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Hijacking of Evolutionary Spirituality

We have noticed the rise of many groups in the field of evolutionary spirituality (“post-traditionalism”) but like past Traditional religions they carefully sidestep politically incorrect material human evolution to center on the evolution of consciousness or spirituality. Ken Wilber wrote “if evolution occurs, how can enlightenment have any meaning? … if everything is evolving, and I get enlightened today, then won’t my enlightenment be partial with the sun’s dawn?” Wilber suggests redefining an evolutionary enlightenment to mean “the realization of oneness with all states and all stages that have evolved so far and that are in existence at any given time.” (Wikipedia)

Money, too, is increasingly being made in these enterprises. This seems to be an unfortunate hijacking of the popular social trend toward affirming evolution in religion. This also relates to the hijacking of human evolution for those who seek “Singularity,” where machines evolve instead of humans.

Alas, this trend continues and prolongs the Great Spiritual Blockade against material evolution which blocks our true evolution to Godhood. These trends tend to clash with Fundamentalism which again sets up religious battle lines, the new against the old, Tradition against post tradition. The irony is that both groups pursue interior evolution, the inner dimension, while blocking out the outer dimension of evolution. The tragedy is that these interior-only movements usually lead to seeing all life as emptiness where both life and death become meaningless. It seems that Teilhard de Chardin's work in the evolution of consciousness-only through convergence, not divergence, is coming home to roost.

The ecumenism of the Evolutionary Christian Church affirms both the Inward and Outward Paths to Godhood and not merely the Inward Path of raising consciousness.

On Consciousness, Evolution, and Godhood

The neurochemical basis of Enlightenment

It appears that consciousness is basically a neurochemical process of the brain (see Dennett's “Consciousness Explained”). We would greatly expand on this idea to say that the Soul, which we define as the Zenith of the Mind, or the Zenith of Consciousness, can see and know more and more as we evolve higher and higher “neurochemically” in evolution from man to superman, to Gods, and to Godhood.

It is not only the Soul, or consciousness that evolves, which is usually the position of the exclusively Involutionary Inward Path Religions. The mind and body evolve TOGETHER all the way to Godhood, the Evolutionary Outward Path of evolution fulfills the Involutionary Inward Path goal of the conscious Soul.

The human heart or Soul cannot “go to the lengths of God” (Christopher Fry), it can only identify the goal of Godhood. The “within of things” in involutionary religion does not truly go outside the space of the human senses, interior enlightenment is still virtually a neurochemical process, however rare it may be.

The Spirit may be both immanent and transcendent but it remains locked (but not imprisoned since the body is the vehicle for the evolution of the Spirit) within material life activating material life to evolve to Godhood. The Spirit remains at the Zenith of the Soul, activating all life to evolve to Godhood.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

How God Relates To Evolution And The Search For Scientific Truth

Biased Use of Science?

Ideally science is not biased. It is supposed to be an unbiased tool that can be used in any research. But culture, the political environment, can bias the direction of the use of the tool of science. Political bias can be affirmed by an unbalanced amount of scientific research done on one side while neglecting the other side. Political correctness and political incorrectness can thus effect the direction of science.

Proof of God in the Search for Scientific Truth?

It seems that we can't find the Absolute Truth with our human minds, since our minds were evolved, not really to find the truth, but to help us survive and reproduce successfully (see John Haught's “Deeper Than Darwin”)

Many times in our history we have found truths, objective scientific truths, but Darwinism seems to say that we found such truths principally to allow ourselves to survive and reproduce successfully, and not principally for truth's sake. Yet science claims objective truth which seems to counter the mind's purpose for seeking truth.

We keep searching for the “truth” because, scientifically speaking, truth helps us survive and reproduce successfully. Absolute Truth, then, under this definition, would seems to help us survive absolutely, even infinitely, so we therefore ceaselessly seek Absolute Truth.

It would seem that the more intelligent we are, or the higher consciousness we have, the more “truths” of the Kosmos we can find, even though our motive for finding truths might not change, that is, the motive of survival and reproductive success.

If we evolve higher intelligence and higher consciousness these things will supposedly lead to higher truths and better survival ( at least this applied until recent negative technological advances.) We can therefore not only predict more truths discovered, but better survival secured with higher intelligence and higher consciousness.

If we carry this “logic” far enough, the way to assure ourselves endless survival and Absolute Truth is to evolve to a condition which has, or contains, endless survival and Absolute Truth: this defines God. This is the way the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) sees the pattern of evolution.

This suggests that our yearning for Absolute Truth is a yearning for absolute survival and this, in effect, means a yearning for God who is the logical end to the search for truth and survival.

When materialism claims there is no god in the Kosmos, it is denying, it seems to me, the very origin or motivation for its own search for Absolute Truth.

God is seen in this scientific search for truth and this is the God that the Evolutionary Christian Church describes.

How Human Evolution Works and Why

We take the still controversial position that human evolution is driven by selection among groups (recently reaffirmed by E. O. Wilson), and groups are based upon genetic and cultural selection among individuals. Natural selection of individuals is directed toward forming a successful group. Ethical and cultural conditions are then developed for successful adaptation and advancement in survival and reproduction.

We add to this the very controversial religious position that along with outward evolution, we are inwardly activated by the Spirit, which seeks to evolve to Godhood, and the Spirit works with natural evolution to attain this supreme goal. Religion can make contact with the Spirit Within, which is both transcendent and immanent in the Involutionary Inward Path.

Group/Individual Values

One of the central advantages of Catholicism is that it values the community, the group, at least as much as the individual and perhaps more, whereas the Protestants have tended toward a more individualistic ethos, which can sometimes negate the group. This makes Catholicism naturally conservative.

As it turns out, religion is the best social bond for selection among groups and individuals in any case. Evolution is thus served by religion and religion is served by evolution.